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The Astrology Podcast

Vettius Valens, additionally contributed to Hellenistic astronomy and astrology. Although lots of the technical and theoretical particulars of pre-Hellenistic Babylonian astrology in Greece are lost in all but a few tablets, the doctrine of apokatastasis or everlasting recurrence is attributed to Berossus by Seneca (Quaest. nat., 3.2.1). One scholar of the historical past of astronomy (P. Schnabel,Berossus und die babylonisch-hellenistische Literatur, Leipzig 1923) argued that Kidinnu possessed a concept of “precession of the equinox” previous to Hipparchus.

In specific we concentrate on debates surrounding the mechanism underlying astrology, in addition to debates about destiny and free-will, and the extent to which things have been viewed as predetermined. This a part of the course additionally options protection of a few of the main philosophical faculties throughout this time period and their relationship with astrology, similar to Platonism, Aristotelianism, Stoicism, Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, Gnosticism, and Skepticism. As Babylonian astronomical cycles met with a rational and ensouled Greek cosmos, the idea for both Stoic eternal recurrence and technical Hellenistic astrology was fashioned. Amazon Mercury Retrograde could get a foul rap, but this e-book explains everything about this misrepresented astrological event and the way it correlates to your chart based mostly on the signal and home it’s in.

It was worded vaguely enough that simply about everyone in the room thought they were being well-described. The horoscopes were so obscure they matched almost everyone, and so their predictive power was meaningless. In episode 307 astrologer Jo Gleason joins the show to talk concerning the that means of the planet Mercury in astrology, and what it signifies in a delivery chart. What Plato called a “world soul,” historic Vedic astrologers understood by way of karma and interconnectedness. As the planets move, they work together with one another, simply as humans ebb and flow symbiotically.

  • The premise of the Hellenistic time-lord methods is that not all placements in a given natal chart are working at their fullest potential at any given moment in time.
  • This zodiac uses the vernal equinox as the beginning point rather than the beginning of one of many twelve constellations.
  • Still, the retrograde cycle itself is a period of elevated receptiveness, even if we’re placing a few of our desires on maintain.
  • Among the noted Arabic astronomers had been Massah Allah Albategnius, Alpetragius, and others.

Rather, the management group is a set of sufferers receiving a placebo. When they learn their horoscope and observe its recommendation, they feel higher. But it’s the belief itself and not the astrology that’s making them feel higher. Many pseudo-scientific therapies – from crystal therapeutic to homeopathy – help people by way of the placebo effect. Believing in a treatment that doesn’t truly do something may assist, however believing in a remedy that does is even higher. Sticking to scientifically proven remedies gives you the profit of the assumption and the benefit of the therapy’s motion. For instance, instead of reading your horoscope every morning, go for a walk.

The Babylonians, mainly in relation to medical astrology, distinguished between a spherical methodology of calculation (from the point of view of the observer to the stars, i.e. subjectively), and a cosmical technique (from the relative place of the celebrities, i.e. objectively). Learning about astrology can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t must be. You can begin by making a free start chart and looking out additional into each placement. Reading more about my Aquarius Mars, for example, helped me determine and work with my specific learning type. Understanding my Libra rising jogs my memory to verify in with myself more as a substitute of catering to others’ expectations.

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Fate implied foreknowledge, which was divine and sometimes distributed by the gods. The intervention of the gods in human affairs also introduced the possibility of two paths of destiny, primarily based on an ethical alternative. A decision that pleased or displeased the gods (such as the choice Odysseus must make regarding the Oxen of the Sun might set one off on a street of inexorable circumstances to follow. Hellenistic astrology displays the influence of quite lots of philosophical sources. However, given the divergent and ever multiplying streams of thought in the Hellenized world, practical astrology didn’t essentially conform to one specific philosophical model offered by the most important philosophical schools. However, as outlined beneath, the Neopythagoreans, Platonists and Stoics supplied the foundational influence on the development of the art. “When I put together a horoscope for session, I hardly ever know what my new shopper does for a dwelling,” says Grace.


The didactic astrological poem of Johanes Kamteros , which was devoted to the Byzantine Emperor Manual I, seems to have heen drawn from Judaeo-Gnostic sources. It was not till the appearance of Christianity that the preposterous, and, in part, pathologically degenerate, teachings of the Judaic astrology were swept away. After the Exile, however, astrology unfold so quickly, above all among the educated courses of Israel, that as early as the Hellenistic period a Jewish astrological literature existed, which confirmed a robust Persico-Chaldean influence. The prophets had been opponents of astrology and of a relapse into fatalism. If, after they had been prophesying of the great occasions to return, the contemplation of nature, and especially of the stars, filled them with sympathetic enthusiasm, by reason of their poetic inspiration and power of divination, this had nothing to do with astrology.

There is not any identified mechanism whereby a person could be significantly influenced by distant celestial bodies In addition, viewing the celebs is not a prerequisite for astrology, as a predictive mechanism, working.

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I learn an article stating that for one person, the final time their chart occurred was in 1362 CE, however for one more the last one was in 2669 BCE. Chris Brennan’s dedication to preserving conventional astrology in a fashion that’s accessible, practical, and inexpensive is part of what makes this course distinctive. Upon completion of this course, the wealth of data gained could be easily applied to the astrologer’s consultation practice, a blessing for each the practitioner and client. In specific we will give consideration to the Lot of Fortune, and discuss the rationale for its calculation, as nicely as its meaning and uses in chart delineations. The purpose of the Hellenistic Astrology Course is to find out about the place the strategies of western astrology got here from, how they were initially used, and how to apply them in practice today. The “why” folks continue to learn and credence their horoscopes is most often explained by psychologist Bertram Forer’s classic 1948 “self-validation” examine. Forer gave his students a persona check, followed by an outline of their persona that was supposedly primarily based on the outcomes of the test.